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Vehicle Advertising

Use Your Vehicle to Advertise

Any and every vehicle can be a messaging device especially effective for Marketing and Advertising to local businesses of all types. What better way to reach your target geographic areas, commuter routes, and neighborhoods than a short advertisement or promotion on your vehicle?

There are advertising companies that pay drivers every month to advertise on their vehicles and drive around town just as they normally would. They require expensive vehicle wraps or rear window graphics and someone willing to “wrap” their vehicle and drive around in target business areas. Other small businesses use magnetic signs typically placed on the sides of the vehicle. They are less expensive but not as visible and could scratch the paint as they are removed and replaced. In all cases changing the message means replacing the sign. Until now…..

Inskrib makes portable programmable LED signs ideal for vehicle marketing and advertising to a wide range of businesses including Retail, Nail Salons, Spas, Party Rentals, Food Trucks, Bars & Restaurants, Real Estate, Event Promotion, Offices, etc. Using Inskrib LED Signs you can quickly create or change messages using an App on a smart phone. The lightweight Signs comes with suction cups for securing to glass and a DC connector (vehicle adapter) for powering in your vehicle. These LED signs are visible from 100’. Inskrib is portable and can easily taken in and out of the vehicle and used elsewhere.

All business can benefit from effective Vehicle Signage. Programmable LED Sign technology is a form of direct sales. It can educate customers about your business, special offers and options. Without engaging the customer directly, the LED Sign becomes the salesperson providing information to customers and potential customers that happen to be waiting at a traffic stop, walking by in a parking lot or noticing a message passing by on a vehicle. Competition for services is extensive. Traditional marketing and advertising with ads in local papers & on local websites or Facebook are not always effective in promoting your business. Vehicle signage is a great means of advertising; you become a mobile billboard that can be changed as easy as texting. The more you drive in high traffic areas or near your business location, the more people will see your advertisement or promotion.

Digital signage in your vehicle does help promote and grow your business. It is effortless, informal advertising and the sign offers a certain level of professional credibility. You can measure customer contacts as a result of the sign they see in your vehicle window signage. Offer a promotion or a discount on services if you mention the sign.

The Bottom Line

Signage is one of the most effective Marketing, Advertising and Sales tools available. Digital LED signs are eye catching and informative. An LED display presented on a moving vehicle attracts attention. With the introduction of Inskrib, the easiest LED signs in the world, programmable LED signs are now affordable. To learn more about the many features of Inskrib LED signage please visit