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Android Users, enable location services for the Inskrib App

Android phone, particularly Samsung, use location services to turn on Bluetooth settings. The Bluetooth settings are needed to connect automatically to the sign. You may have to search for App Permissions, find Inskrib, select then look for permissions and enable.

How long will the battery hold a charge?

Typical battery life is approximately 6 hours, but we have seen signs last over 10 hours on 25% brightness. Keep in mind that using the sign in AC mode (plugged in) does not simultaneously charge the battery.

My sign only ran for 3 hours on battery, is there something wrong?

Battery life depends on the amount of Bluetooth and message sending you are doing as well as the brightness. We have found that changing the brightness can save hours of battery life. There are two ways to change brightness: 1. On the App go to main menu by selecting the three bars on the upper left, you will see a Brightness selector, change it to Low. 2. On the sign itself, you can push the upper button to cycle through one of four selections: 100%, 75%, 50% and 25%. Our test has shown that even using 25% there is not a big drop in brightness, but there is a large increase in battery life.

Can you power the unit with a USB battery pack like a Mophie?

Yes, any USB power pack can provide enough power for the sign to work. The internal battery is only 3000mAh, and will last 6 hours, some of these battery packs can make the sign last a lot longer.

How do you recharge the battery?

Turn the power switch to the "off" position and use the power cord to charge the sign. While charging the coffee cup emoji and battery will illuminate indicating the progress of the charge. When the battery is fully charged, the coffee cup emoji will disappear and the battery will indicate that it is fully charged.

Battery Charge

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

It takes approximately 8 hours to fully charge the battery. We recommend charging overnight if possible.

How do you Delete messages from the App?

To delete a message from your list of messages, swipe left and then press the RED Delete indicator.

The small Font Style option is not available for the Continuous Left Effect.

Correct, the small Font Style Option is not available for either Continuous Left or Continuous Right effects.

What is the purpose of the Preview function?

The preview function allows users to preview message text, speed and effect prior to saving. Message Frames are not displayed in preview. It is not required to preview a message before Save or Send (swipe).

What happens if you see "EMPTY" display on the sign?

Occasionally "EMPTY" displays on the sign when the communication between the Sign and the INSKRIB App is interrupted in some way. Simply swipe one of your existing simpler messages to clear "EMPTY". If that doesn't clear it, turn the sign off and then on again.

Is there something to I can add to suction cups to make it stick better on my curved window?

Glycerin works great and you can generally find it as one of the top ingredients in liquid hand soap.

Does the sign display international characters?

Recent signs have been upgraded to include display of all extended Latin Characters typically seen in French, German, Spanish and Portuguese languages.