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This is the easiest LED sign in the world!

Utilizing the power of Bluetooth 4.0 and free App software for your smartphone the sign can be changed in a second from up to 30 feet away. You can have up to 99 messages ready to send with just a swipe. Current time and count-down/count-up features are also available.

 Inskrib Instructions

Let's take a look at the free App that simplifies the work of changing the sign

Screen One Screen Two

Screen Three

These 3 screens are your primary access.  The screen on the left comes up after registration and is the main message screen used to send whatever message or messages you want to the sign.  The menu screen in the middle gives you options to add a new message, add a clock or add a count-up or count-down timer to your list of messages, change the sign brightness or turn it off remotely.  The screen on the right is where you enter your new message or change an existing message then set the time, speed, effect and frame (more about these later).
When the App connects to the sign for the first time you will be asked to register using an email address.  At that point we capture the date, time, email and unique ID of your sign for warranty purposes only.  The one year warranty starts when you first connect to the sign.  We do not use your email for any marketing purpose and we protect it from unauthorized use.  Each sign you buy will require registration only once when you initially connect.  After that you should be able to use all the signs you buy with just one App.
The Emoji message is included to show you which Emoji's the sign currently displays, here are examples: 
There are others, mostly numbers and arrows.  You can copy one or more and paste them into a new message or add them to an existing message to give it extra interest.
Currently you can add up to 99 messages.   You can easily re-order the messages by tapping the message number.
There are 3 Styles: normal, bold and small.  These give you some flexibility when styling your message.
Time is used when you don't want a continuous scrolling message.  Time can be adjusted to provide a delay between rotation of the message or messages.
Speed can be adjusted to display the effect from very slow to very fast.
There are 20 different Effects that you can choose to customize and draw attention to your message.  The "Blink" and the "Snow" are especially effective.  Select "Random" and you get a new effect each time the message is displayed.  Remember, Effects are per message.  If you display more than one message each can have their own effect in the rotation.
Frame is exactly like it sounds, it outlines the entire message to really make it stand out.  Several different frame options are available.
Other features included now

Frame OptionFrame OptionFrame Option

On the left you can add current Time in two different formats.
In the middle you can create a Count-Down or Count-Up Timer up to 24 hours.
You can send multiple messages in sequence.  From the main message screen, upper right corner tap Sync.  As shown on the screen to the right, highlight the dot with the messages you want to include in the sequence.  Tapping the Send key will send all the selected messages to the sign and each message selected will be displayed in numerical sequence.
For example, imagine the following messages:

Test in progress 
   Do not enter
Remaining time:

You then use Sync and Send to select all 4 messages then mount the sign on the glass door entry.  A big improvement over the do not disturb sign.  As the messages rotate the count-down will continue to decrease. 

Blue Led Panel

Product Specifications and Features

LED display dimensions are 22" x 4.3" x 1". Each unit comes with suction mounting cups, 1-32" USB 2.0 cable, 1-3 meter USB 2.0 cable, instructions, AC and DC connectors and a battery that can power the device for more than six hours. Our LED signs are powered by direct current (DC) and are also car charging-capable. You can set multiple signs up and operate each of the signs using an app on your smartphone. We offer LED signs that display messages in one of the following colors:

Red  - Yellow - Blue - Green