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Is it Time to Update your Digital Signage and Earn Additional

All the Marketing and Promotional chatter these days is Social Media. Yes there is nothing better than hundreds of followers and five star reviews but don’t ignore the obvious. When was the last time you looked at your Salon front signage? Signage is a valuable marketing tool, often more effective than social media or word of mouth.

Do not underestimate the effectiveness of a window sign. Every Marketing and Advertising strategy for your Salon should include signage. A sign in the front window advertising Salon daily specials is shown to increase business up to 15%. A simple “Walk-ins Welcome” sign can add many new customer walk-ins each week.

LED signs are one of the easiest ways to incorporate signage into your Salon. To be most effective however, signs should change frequently. You may already have LED signs in your Salon window, nearly all Salons do. Most have the stationary hanging “OPEN” sign, not touched since the Salon opened. LED signs have come a long way! If you have not looked at LED signs over the past year, you are in for a surprise. There is a new generation of LED signs, now portable and programmable with easy to use iOS or Android Apps. Custom messaging is easy to create and change, transmitted from the App to the sign via Bluetooth. The best news is that these signs are affordable and make great sense in every Salon regardless of size.

What the LED Sign Can Do

• Catch the Eye – Scrolling LED messages in 15-second spots are eye catching. You can walk or drive by and get the message. It’s easy and inexpensive to create and frequently change professional looking messages
• Provide Useful Information – Programmable LED signs can promote your products, services and SPECIALS.
• Offer Incentives – The LED sign can incent customers to come in and buy.

LED Signs

Can I afford a new Portable LED Sign

You likely have already looked into LED signs for your Salon. A generic search for LED signs for sale will return thousands of results. Generally LED Signs are not cheap, or easy to use. There is also concern about unforeseen costs of repair or routine maintenance. For these reasons LED Signs for small business have not been seen as practical. In recent years however new LED manufacturers have recognized these shortcomings for use in small business and have adapted the signs for use in all businesses regardless of size. They are portable, custom messages are easy to create and change, and the signs are affordable for every size Salon.

The Bottom Line

Signage is the simplest advertising material you can use. Replace that dusty “Open” sign in your salon front window and create signs that talk and invite customers into the Salon. A portable programmable LED sign is perfect for Nail Salons, regardless of their size. To learn more about LED signage for Nail Salons please visit