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Inskrib LED for Festivals and Events Booths

It’s that time of year the busy Festival Season has arrived. Whether its Arts and Crafts or Food and Drink, great signage used to advertise and promote can make your booth stand out and help you make the most of the festival season.

Don’t underestimate the significance of signage to catch attention and draw browsers and buyers into your booth. Consider a well placed scrolling LED sign to catch the eye, provide useful information and offer incentives to potential buyers. Until now LED signs have been immovable, cost prohibitive and difficult to use.

Inskrib is the easiest portable LED sign in the world. With a simple smart phone App and Bluetooth connection, the Inskrib programmable LED sign is designed for use almost anywhere and managing messages is as easy as texting.

Four Tips to Improve Sales with Inskrib LED Signage

Draw attention to your booth - Scrolling LED messages in 15-second spots are eye catching. As you walk by, the characters moving by catch the customers’ attention and as they read the message they check out your booth as well. It’s easy and inexpensive to create and frequently change professional looking messages.

Describe your product – For example; “Garden Glass Windows made from salvage window frames and recycled glass”. It’s up to you to be clever and creative with product descriptions that pique shopper’s interest. Create a quick easy read to describe your booth, Inskrib LED allows you to create up to 200 characters in one message and store 99 different messages. It’s easy to send one or several messages and they cycle through all day long with no noise and no heat.

Run a promotion – Offer a good deal using the LED Sign. For example, “Buy one get the second half price”. As the Festival goes on, it’s easy to change the promotion on the Sign and offer a different incentive, “Only 5 left”. Promotions can be changed in minutes using a smart phone without touching the Sign itself.

Provide information – Many customers don’t like to ask questions. Inskrib LED can provide information so the crowds don’t have to ask. Mention your hometown or training or shop location or product info i.e. “IPAs and Pilsners 8oz $6 /12oz $8” or “Come in and browse, prices starting at $5” or point out your “Best Seller”.

As a bonus – The Inskrib scrolling LED sign comes with suction cups and can easily attach to a window or inside your vehicle. In the weeks before the Event Inskrib LED can be used to advertise and even offer incentives for browsers and buyers to visit your booth. For example you can submit a single message or multiple messages like the following:

COMING JUNE 15: Columbia Arts and Crafts Fair. Stop by and visit our Special Crafts Booth 3004! Mention this Sign for 10% discount on one item.

The Bottom Line

Don’t under estimate the value of a great sign. Signage is the simplest advertising material you can use. A portable programmable LED sign is perfect for Craft Fairs, Food and Wine Festivals, Art Shows, Car Shows, Flea Markets, regardless of their size. The signs are easily visible from 100ft or less. To learn more about LED signage and see a demonstration, please visit