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Fast Growing Use of Custom LED Signs

Gone are the days of the bulky monochromatic signs that only scrolled red text. While they are still used by some, they have largely gone the way of the typewriter. These older LED signs are low resolution with less density per LED pixel than new ones. With more pixels the content can be displayed in a smaller space with a crisper, clearer view. In the last 10 years, LED signs have become easier to produce in flashier colors, with high resolution, for less money, and a smaller carbon footprint.

Inskrib has taken the expansion of custom LED signs one step further into the digital age. We offer a portable app-controlled sign that is easy to use from an Android or iOS smartphone. Powered by Bluetooth™ you can “swipe” your message onto a sign from a distance of up to 30 feet. Our high-tech signs are brighter, clearer, and more energy efficient. Plus, we can save you money on the design and implementation of your message. Work with us to save costs, time, and human resources.

Custom LED signs are rapidly changing the indoor and outdoor advertising market. This new technology has been integrated so thoroughly into some local cities that zoning permits have gotten a bit more relaxed. With help from Inskrib, you can do more with your graphics while attracting more customers.

Find out more about how our custom LED signs can take your business to the next level.  Choose a message board from Inskrib and be among the leaders in the digital age of advertising. Contact us today at (331) 310-0130 or at