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Food Trucks; How LED Signs Create Additional Revenue

It is true, advertising companies pay drivers every month to advertise on their vehicles and drive around town just as they normally would. Why not use your own vehicle for this advertising? Any and every vehicle can be a messaging device.

What better way to reach your target geographic areas, commuter routes, and neighborhoods than a short scrolling advertisement on your vehicle? For Food Trucks, an LED display is a double win since the vehicle is the business.

Programmable LED Sign technology is a form of direct sales, educating Customers about special offers and options. Without engaging the Customer directly, the LED Sign becomes the Salesperson providing information to customers and potential customers that happen to be waiting in line, walking by or noticing a message passing by on a vehicle.

What the LED Sign Can Do

  • Catch the Eye - Scrolling messages in 15-second spots are both eye-catching and informative.
    An LED display presented on a moving vehicle attracts attention
  • Provide Useful Information – - Programmable LED signs display the perfect amount of content to promote your business and inform viewers about products, services or special descriptions, pricing, etc.
  • Offer Incentives – For example, Mention this Sign for 10% off

Can I afford a Mobile LED Sign?

You may already have looked into LED signs for your Store Front, Salon or Food Truck. A generic search for LED Signs for Sale will return thousands of results. Generally LED Signs are not cheap, easy to use or made for mobile use. There is concern about unforeseen costs of repair or routine maintenance.

For these reasons LED Signs for small business has not been seen as practical.

Until now ...

The Inskrib is the easiest portable LED sign in the world. With a simple smartphone app and Bluetooth connection, the Inskrib programmable LED sign is designed to be used almost anywhere and managing messages is as easy as texting.

Inskrib Product Features

  • LED Sign Dimensions 22" x 4.3" x 1" Sign weight 2lbs.
  • Suction cups for mounting sign to glass
  • 1 Cigarette connector with 2 USB 12V ports
  • Stand for desk display
  • Internal rechargeable battery good for around 10 hours
  • Choice of color: Red - Yellow - Blue – Green
  • 1 Year Warranty serviced from the USA

The iOS or Android APP is FREE

All this for around $200