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3 Ways You Could Benefit from Using our LED Message Board

If you’re a small business owner, club manager, artist or anyone that leads a group, you know the challenges of getting your message out to your audience. From the issues with grabbing their attention to your budgetary concerns, having a way to promote your message to your audience is difficult in more ways than one. What if we told you that you could easily publicize your brand or organization’s message in a fun, professional, attention-grabbing way? With our LED message board at Inskrib, you can effectively publicize your business or organization’s next event, fundraiser, or a big sale. Here are three main benefits to using our App-controlled programmable LED signs to help your business or group grow.

It’s cost-effective – With the age of digital advertising upon us, it’s no surprise that many small businesses and groups drain their entire budget on marketing. With an LED message board from Inskrib, you can save money on designing an advertisement, printing it, and making sure that it doesn’t get thrown away. Not only are you saving on the physical costs, but you’re saving on the amount of time, manpower, and resources it takes to create a concept for a promotion as well.

It’s energy efficient – Did you know that traditional neon signage is almost four times less efficient than our LED message board? When you’re a smaller business which is operating on an even smaller budget, the amount you spend in energy costs can empty your bank account each month. Using LED signage to get your message out there is not only going bring in the amount of attention you receive but hopefully, rack up the amount of money you have back in your pocket from saving on energy costs as well.

It’s simple to use – With our LED message board, you’re able to use our free iOS and Android apps to quickly send a message from your Smartphone and then continue to change it, update it or add to it in seconds. Using Bluetooth® technology, you’re able to program what your sign is going to say from up to 30 feet away. With simple, easy-to-use interface, you can concentrate on what needs to be done for your event rather than navigating a complicated program to promote it. You can also store up to 99 of your own messages and choose the one (or more than one) you want in a moments notice.

If you’re looking more information about our LED message board, feel free to contact us at Inskrib. Give us a call at (331) 310-0130 or at today!