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Can an LED Message Board Be Creative?

Advertising on an LED message board can be colorful in looks and language. Some of the most well-known companies have used innovative and creative ways to showcase their products and services.

You can have fun with your messaging. Even small-to-medium size businesses can attract new customers with a sign that stands out from the rest. Examples of unusual signs that directed lots of attention to a business are:

•     Santa Stop Here

•     Buy Our Products (We’re on a Billboard)

•     Got Milk?

•     No One Ever Reads This Sign

•     Eat Here or We Will Both Starve

 Of course you can’t go wrong with a straightforward informational LED message board that is colorful or flashy. You can also try something new from Inskrib that couldn’t be easier. We offer a portable app-controlled LED sign that is simple to program from a smartphone. You can change your message seasonally, monthly, daily, or as often as you choose from our Bluetooth™ enabled programmable device.

Use an LED message board for special sales, events, retail stores, restaurants, and many other ways. The app is free from Inskrib and easy to use. We offer a 1-year warranty and suction cups for mounting your message board to glass. Contact Inskrib to fill out a form for more information. Visit our website or call (331) 310-0130 to speak with a specialist.